About Medusa

What are Medusa Engines?

DSC_4779Medusa is a line of gasoline marine engines for inboard applications. They boast the highest power-to-displacement ratios ever achieved thanks to marine specific features that are unique to our brand, allowing Medusa to surpass the performance of much bigger engines at a fraction of their cost. Yet, this ground breaking technology  cannot be found on new boats, as Medusa is exclusively available as the repower of choice for thousands of older boats out there, offering a combination of price and performance unheard of until now. Because a beautiful boat deserves a second chance.

What sets Medusa apart from the competition

  • The ONLY gasoline engine with the low-end  power of diesel and none of its drawbacks!
  • Lighter, smaller and more powerful than any other engine of equal displacement.
  • Honest, reliable power. No turbos, superchargers or sky-high compression ratios.
  • Built with the highest quality components available fro top to bottom.
  • 3 models to choose from, capable of powering vessels from 10 ft to 60 ft!

Why Medusa was created

Like you, we are boaters. Many special moments with family and friends have been spent onboard. But boating is neither low maintenance nor inexpensive, and while fiberglass can be buffed, wires replaced, cushions re-upholstered and a new GPS installed, once engines start to fail, a boat becomes an endless source of misery, both mental and financial. So, what are normal people to do? Those of us who cannot spend half a million bucks for a new 35 footer every 5 years, or who love our 20 year old boats just fine? We repower of course. If only it were that easy.


The Legend of Medusa

To many people, the name Medusa Engines sounds familiar enough, though they can't quite place it. Well, worry not, Medusa is indeed a legendary name in the marine world, as feared and revered as its mythological counterpart, the beautiful woman with snake hair whose gaze turned opponents to stone.

Back in the 1970s, a group of aspiring engineers took to designing a revolutionary marine gasoline engine as their graduation thesis. Their goal was to design a gasoline powerplant that somehow incorporated all the advantages of a Diesel with none of its drawbacks. The result, Medusa, immediately obliterated all other engines in the racing circuit and was quickly snapped by the military for a line of secret amphibious vehicles. And just as its fame had been established, the Medusa name faded into the obscurity of military projects. It wasn't after the retirement of the founding members that a group of avid boating enthusiasts finally found them and convinced them to use their expertise in creating a contemporary line of recreational engines.

And so, after 45 years of being nothing more than a legend in the minds of marine aficionados, Medusa Engines is back! Only this time, instead of catering to the needs of the few and powerful, we are bringing that power into the hands of the many, the true boating lovers who never thought such performance could be within their reach, and at such prices. Live on Medusa!