Power Package 2: Engine +Transmission

package2Our most popular package, and for good reason: It is the best deal all around by a long shot! For thousands $$$ less than the any competing basic engine (which is still underpowered and underfeatured), the boater gets the engine + a brand new transmission that perfectly matches the engine's output. We use exclusively ZF transmissions for this package, as we have found them to be the best all-around balance of performance, size, weight AND price. These modern transmissions offer many other benefits: 1) they are interchangeably forward/reverse gears, so there is no need for right-hand rotation engines, 2) the output shaft coupler has an 8 downward angle, allowing the engine to remain level for optimal fuel distribution and even cylinder combustion, 3) hydraulic shifting mechanism for super smooth shifts, and 4) replaceable oil filter cartridge for ease of maintenance.

The beauty of this package is that all the guesswork is eliminated. A brand new engine and an old transmission are a very poor match. Even if the transmission is rated for the increased power of the Medusa engine, chances are, this match occurs at the very top of the transmission's capabilities, and in a short time, the Medusa engine may end up overwhelming the transmission and causing it to fail. This is a very real scenario and not something we imagined. With this package, the boater is assured all that awesome new power will be perfectly handled AND transmitted to the propellers with MINIMAL losses.

Of course, the transmission comes with its own warranty, as well as all needed accessories like mounts, shift cables and even an oil cooler, all of which are charged as extras if bought elsewhere. This package truly covers the space from the fuel tank to the shaft, no need for options or upgrades, period.


  • All components of Power Package 1 plus:
  • Couplers: damper plate between flywheel and transmission, Flexible coupler from transmission to shaft.
  • Transmission: Either a ZF 63A (Medusa 400) or ZF 85A (Medusa 500)
  • Linkage: Shift Cables
  • Mounts: Transmission mounts (2)
  • Corrosion Shield: High Temp Urethane paint and Boeshield T-9 on transmission, mounts and related parts.