Power Package 1: Engine

package1Our Starter Package, consisting of the engine and all its associated components. This is the ideal package for the boat that has a power train where the existing transmissions, couplers, shafts and propellers are in good shape AND can match the Medusa power output. Remember, most older set ups are designed for engines that deliver up to 100 HP and 100 ft-lb less compared to a Medusa, so some of the existing parts may not be rated to work with a Medusa.

For the owner who wants to step up to the substantial gains in acceleration, planing times, fuel economy, low end torque and top end speed a Medusa engine can provide, this is the perfect package, bringing the boating experience to a whole new level.

And remember, this is not your typical "basic" set up, this package comes with EVERYTHING needed from fuel tank to transmission. No options or upgrades spoken here, period.


  • Fuel System: fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel regulator, fuel lines.
  • Engine: from the carburetor or EFI system down to the oil pan.
  • Cooling System: crank-mounted raw water pump, Heat exchanger, circulating water pump, glycol supply, glycol reservoir, all lines and hoses.
  • Exhaust System: patented HSE (High Scavenging Exhaust) stainless steel headers encased in water jacket, water cooled, stainless steel side exhaust runners and Y pipe collector, ready to mate with exhaust hoses.
  • Back end: Borg & Wagner style bell housing.
  • Oiling System: Dual engine and transmission oil cooler, remotely mounted Dual Filter assembly, 4 K&N 10 micron Gold Series filters, 8 quarts of "break in" oil for the first 20 hours of engine operation, 8 quarts of regular oil for normal use after break in period. Enough filters and lubricants to cover the first year of use.