Power Package 3: Engine + Transmission + Shaft + Propeller

package3The ultimate package, for a brand new boat so to speak! Replacing the whole powertrain means you've added another 20 years to the life of your boat. So, of course, any boat can benefit from this major face lift, but in our experience, this package is the ideal match for two types of boats:

1) Project or Refit boats whose rebuilt is finished and are ready for power. A Medusa Full Powertrain package gives the owners the highest performance engines available, at a cost that allows them to use more of their hard earned dollars towards other areas of the refit.

2) Boats that have been kept in excellent shape through the years. and whose owners want to reap the rewards of that loving care by adding the only thing missing to bring their vessels into the 21st century.

When we survey a boat prior to installing this package, we carefully analyze every characteristic of the hull and all options relative to the propeller, as well as the intended use of the boat. Once we carefully balance all those variables out, we choose the best propeller and shaft, and from there we move backwards, sometimes making changes to the engine architecture to better suit the rotating in-water components. We only use stainless steel shafts, either Aquamet or Aqualoy, and for propellers, we proudly sell and install Michigan Wheel, an American legend going on 109 years of existence.

This is our no-compromise package, the one that delivers the biggest gains in power, fuel economy and sheer fun on the water, and the one addition that will make the biggest impact in revitalizing any boat. Every component from the fuel tank to the nut on the propeller hub is changed, each of them carefully chosen to perfectly match each other and the boat. And as usual, no options or upgrades needed.


  • Same components as Power Package 2 plus:
  • Shafts: either Aqualoy 19 1 3/8" x 72" single taper (Medusa 400) or Aqualoy 19 1 3/4" x 90" single taper (Medusa 500)
  • Propellers: either Michigan Wheel Bronze Dynaquad 4-bladed, 17" diameter (Medusa 400) or Bronze Dynaquad 4-bladed 19" diameter (Medusa 500)