"We have a brand new boat for the cost of a so-so second hand one. I wish dad could see his baby now. He left us the boat when he passed but the 454's were shot after sitting for almost 5 years. My brother said we should sell the boat because those gas engines never moved it worth a damn and we really couldn't afford diesels. And then Rudi offered to install the Medusa 400s on his dime to see what we thought. Well, that Trojan is moving now. Top speed of 36 MPH and planing by 2700 rpm, when new the boat maxed out at 27 mph and wouldn't plane until 3400 and that was with the tabs down. We went with the whole Powertrain package, including 4 blade props and man, it is the best 30 grand we ever spent. It really is a brand new boat. Yesterday we just zoomed by a new Sundancer and the guys had their mouths wide open. We know you are happy up there viejo, your kitten is purring like a tiger"

Jose & Mandy Gomez, "Kitten" 1990 Trojan 11 meter, Medusa 400 Full Power Train Repower, January 2015.