The Medusa Advantage

What makes Medusa engines so much better than any other gasoline engine out there?

Marine Specific Design

MEA: Marine Engine Architecture

First engine truly designed to produce the ideal balance of torque and horsepower at the right points of the power band. Superior performance to all other gas AND diesel engines....More

TMI: True Marine Ignition

Ignition system produces instant starts, NO stalls, snapping acceleration for quick planing and ultra smooth low-speed performance for trolling, docking and no wake zones.  ...More

HSE: High Scavenging Exhaust

High Performance Stainless Steel Header exhaust yields gains of 20% in low end torque and mid range horsepower over cast iron manifolds. Only non-racing engine to offer this exotic exhaust system as a standard feature....More

LSP: Low Stress Performance

A combination of low Compression Ratios, normally aspirated induction and camshafts that minimize valve wear, allows our engines to run well below their peak, for decades of reliable performance....More

Resetting Expectations