Quick Charge Technology

We all know the story. Water slips are at a premium, so most marina space is on a rack, where, surprise, there are not power cables to run your battery charger. Thus, batteries sit unused and uncharged for long periods of time, sometimes months, and they start losing the capacity to hold charge. To make matters worse, the puny alternators that come with current engines barely make an impression on those drained batteries during the short time it takes in Florida to arrive at a destination. Those alternators have a very low output, usually in the 50-65 AMP range, and they only reach full capacity during the even shorter time the boat spends above 4000 rpm. The result? Batteries that can never keep up wit the demands placed on them, and will go belly up once you run your stereo longer than 5 minutes.

Many a time, carburetors or bad fuel get blamed for shaky starts, when the engine sputters and sputters and by the time it finally starts, your starter motor has been irreversibly damaged. In truth, 90% of the time this condition is due to poorly charged batteries. And let's not forget the batteries are the most important piece in the puzzle that is a boat, because without electricity, nothing runs. Period.

So the Medusa solution to this issue is to mount the most powerful, low revving alternators we could find onto our engines. That is why, on dual engine installations we provide 120 AMP alternators and can go up to 160 AMP on single engine installation. What this means is that, within minutes of starting your engines, your batteries will be near full charge, and regardless of how many electrical devices you run off the batteries, GPS, radars, stereos, inverters, refrigerators, nuclear plants, you name it, our alternators can charge the batteries quicker than your gizmos can drain them. So, when you finally anchor and shut the engines off, you can rest assured your batteries won't drain in 5 minutes as you're used to. Likewise, when starting the engines again, you'll have all the cranking power you need to produce instant results.