Racing Rated Components

RacingRated02In the world of automotive racing, engines needs to withstand tremendous demands. RPMs can go as high as 20,000, compression ratios up to 15:1, exhaust gas temperatures reach over 1500 F, and many other which go far beyond the conditions encountered by regular cars or boats for that manner. And while not all forms of racing put the same stress on their engines, and some of those engines are in fact expected to last for just one race before they disintegrate, there are many racing formulas that are still extremely demanding AND require the same engines to last for entire racing seasons. These engines offer the ultimate balance between performance AND reliability.

It is from this tier of aftermarket racing components that we pick most of the critical parts to be used on Medusa engines. Our rotating assemblies must be designed to withstand at least 50% higher horsepower than our goal figures as well as 40% higher compression ratios, and our valvetrain is the same one used on oval track racing, everything made out of either forged stainless steel or aerospace grade aluminum. Every other part proudly bears its racing pedigree, not only in its toughness but in its attention to other details like weight savings. Medusa engines are SUBSTANTIALLY lighter than any other engine of comparable displacement, the result of our extended use of forged aluminum or steel instead of cast iron through out.

RacingRatedThis commitment to racing technology does not come from a goal to use Medusa engines for racing. While we can customize our engines for the occasional boater who wants to put the pedal to our unrivaled power's metal, and have a whole assortment of full racing parts like through-hull, dry exhausts, the simple fact is that using parts that are meant to take far more abuse that we can ever dish out becomes a double insurance policy. Because the best warranty is not one where constant repairs are covered but one where repairs are never needed.