I was a bit skeptical, these engines seemed too good to be true, but my father told me he'd seen Medusas racing back in his offshore days and they were amazing. So we thought we would order the most powerful one, the 600 series. After all, our boat came with Detroit Diesels 92. So we were shocked when the rep assured us the 400 would be ok for the slow cruising we wanted to do. So we settled on the 500 and we had them do the installation, which I cannot believe they charged so little having to remove the old engines which are ginormous. Well, we are believers now. Before we even started the engines, we noticed the water line was almost two inches higher, and the Medusa mechanic said that's what happens when you lose 5000 lbs 🙂 The boat reaches the same top speed but does it in much less time and where things are really great is when docking in our marina which is really tight. The smaller props help move the boat in a more predictable way, without that snap from the diesels. We never thought a 46 foot boat would even move with gas, but it surely moves, and all the kayaks and paddle boards we were throwing inside now fit easily in the engine bay. Nice!

Roland & Katya Lee, "Katya" 1988 SeaRay 460 EC. Medusa 500 Full Power Train Repower, August 2014